The flower and orange fair created in 1954 continued until 1965 at the weekly market place (souk el felfel).
On 14 October 1965 the Society of the Nabeul Fair was created; It builds a superb Fair on a huge land next to the beach of Nabeul.The Organization of the Nabeul Fair was abandoned after the 1972 session;Land: and buildings were sold, others rented ... and it was the stagnation of the young volunteers created in Nabeul The animation association and the Festivals on December 9, 1978. They decided to resuscitate the Nabeul Fair. Two sessions were organized in the middle of the street on Bourguiba Avenue.
In 1981 an agreement between the Fair Society and the association led the association to organize an experimental session on the remaining land owned by the Fair Company which would advance the necessary funds. The experiment was a success and continued.